What’s more exciting than rolling out a new retail display?

The rollout of two new displays.

The task was to engage and educate the shopper about Uniden’s flagship XTRAK Pro series smart UHF radios. Being able to pick up and interact with the devices was a key requirement.

Breathe Create worked in partnership with the Carbon5 team to bring the agency’s ideas to life for Uniden Australia. 

The design brief called for a suite of 2 updateable displays:

1. A motion-activated XTRAK Pro Video Display
2. An interactive XTRAK Pro Product Display

Clever design allows the Uniden field team to set up the Video Display in-store with the screen angled down (for high wall locations) or angled up (for positioning at lower heights or on-counter). A serious design challenge requires rotating the entire screen and electronics by 180° within the display housing.

An outstanding technical achievement by our Design Director, Stephen Flewellen!

An experienced design team and innovative design thinking are critical to the success of every retail activation.

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