breathe create, a new business for the new normal

Let’s face it, things have changed – so we created Breathe Create, retail design. Not hamstrung by bricks and mortar, our focus is on what matters to you. It’s just what you need in a retail design company.

Breathe Create is an Australian company owned by three partners; Paul Lynch, Stephen Flewellen and Lee Drury. We’re passionate problem solvers, with four decades of experience in the retail design industry, who have recently joined forces to create dynamic retail solutions for the new world.

At Breathe Create, you deal directly with the creative team, throughout the entire project. We select the most appropriate manufacturing partners for each specific job, so you don’t pay for overheads that won’t benefit you.

To make life easy, we come to you. However, if you would like to see where we create, you’re most welcome; the kettle is always on. We look forward to becoming your design team on speed dial.

breathe create, a new business for the new normal

Our website is

you breathe. we create.

what we do 

  • point of sale
  • point of purchase
  • retail displays
  • signage
  • COVID-19 solutions


4 replies
  1. Stephen Flewellen
    Stephen Flewellen says:

    Our website is looking amazing, I can’t wait for everyone to see it. Great work Lee, designing our website from scratch.

  2. Jocelyn Kidd
    Jocelyn Kidd says:

    Congratulations on a fabulous new initiative. If Breathe Create is run anywhere near as well as your other business, then anyone who engages your services can only see success in their future.

  3. Ian Roberts
    Ian Roberts says:

    Congratulations ?? You guys will build a Creative Uber firm in no time! It is great to see positive and constructive movement in times of COVID19 and all its challenges. This segment of the POS industry is in need of a shakeup that a transparent business model like yours will deliver. The future is yours for the taking and I can’t wait to see the results!


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