Permanent POS display in an A3 envelope?

Every brand is unique, and every solution is bespoke; however, every brand needs to consider many factors. We hope sharing this example from one of our recent clients may be of benefit.


Case Study: KLIPSTA Counter Display

The KLIPSTA Hat Clip is an Australian made innovation that lets you quickly and easily attach your hat to your bag. This clever new product launched online sales in mid-2020 and soon began selling like hotcakes.

The owner of KLIPSTA, Kelly Walker, approached Breathe Create to assist with KLIPSTA’s next challenge: launching into retail stores?

This case study shows the process for assessing the Point-of-Sale display requirements for a brand with no previous retail exposure and how we arrived at the ideal solution for KLIPSTA.

Our first step in assisting Kelly was to go through some POS basics:

    1. POS is there to highlight your brand and organise and correctly display your product in-store.
      Your POS must integrate your brand and product and, of course, works with your specific packaging.
    2. POS is often referred to as your silent salesman.
      As well as needing to cut through the clutter and attract the shopper’s attention, it also needs to explain the advantages and benefits of your product.
    3. You are claiming valuable space in the retailer’s store.
      As long as your product is a good fit, is priced right, and sells, the space will continue to be yours.
    4. Ultimately, retailers want to make money, and they know that good POS helps to sell products.
      Your display will usually be welcome if it focuses on meeting the store’s needs and the customer.
    5. It helps you set the minimum order and the restock quantity.
      A great tip is to include a full refill in the first order because no one wants an empty POS display in their store.?
    6. Retail POS displays also boost online sales.
      People still love to shop, and they may discover your product in-store, long before finding it in the increasingly overcrowded online space. Typically, they will then choose the convenience of an immediate purchase in-store. However, their initial in-store interest may later convert into an online sale.

We then posed 5 questions: 

  1. How much should you invest in your POS?
    The project needs to be financially viable, and the resulting sales must provide a return on your investment. Consider the wholesale price of the goods, the total value of your first order, and that you are setting yourself up for ongoing sales. Also, consider the life expectancy of the POS. Is it a short-term promotion or a long-term solution?
  2. How will you distribute your POS and your products?
    This is a significant factor that needs to be considered before the design process begins, as the cost of shipping can consume a large chunk of the budget, if not well planned. A good design solution will minimise this cost.
  3. Flat packed or pre-assembled?
    Answering a series of questions (such as “Who will set-up the display in-store?”), It enables us to determine the best solution for your display units: flat packed, partly assembled, or fully assembled?
  4. How much space will you be given in the store?
    The amount of space a retailer will give you in their store is often determined by the profit they make on the goods.
  5. What type of store are you going into?
    While you want your brand to stand out, it must also be sympatric to the environment it is going into.

(We considered many other factors, of course; this is just a glimpse into the process we went through with this new client).

As an emerging brand with a relatively low price point, KLIPSTA needed a cost-effective, permanent display unit for gift stores and speciality retailers. Importantly, her product contained strong magnets, so the display design needed to ensure that each pack was separated to avoid the packs from sticking to each other.

Klipsa POS by Breathe Create

The Solution:

Breathe Create’s design solution is a premium display unit that flat packs into an A3 envelope that Kelly can now mail to stores at a minimal cost. Easy to follow instructions will enable each store to rapidly assemble the kit, creating a permanent display unit befitting KLIPSTA’s brand identity. KLIPSTA hit the ground running online in mid-2020, and thanks to her new POS, Kelly is launching into the retail market now.

Breathe Create was AMAZING to work with. They took the time to get to know my business and got straight to work. Their fast turnaround and ingenious ideas blew me away. These guys really know what they are doing; I can’t wait to work with them again on my next product!
Kelly Walker, CEO

We’re highly skilled at guiding emerging and established brands through the critically important process of launching or repositioning products into retail, supported by innovative and cost-effective POS solutions. Contact us today for our assistance with your own upcoming project, just email Paul

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